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I have received some queries on the Eastern Edition for Asia Pacific readers. The short answer is that we are working on it. Physically, the book size is different between the US and India editions due to the difference in book printer specifications.  We attempted to manufacture the book a couple of times in India using the CreateSpace Formatting. What we found was that pages did not print properly. To keep costs reasonable, we have to reformat the entire content (Figures, page breaks, and cross references) due to the change in margins.   I need to repeat the entire typesetting process for the Asia region. The entire book is written using a markup language, not a WYSIWYG format and the effort is time-consuming.



Also, we are still dealing with technical issues from the E-BOOK version of the US edition. See  the FAQ.

This book will be available exclusively through CVC in Asia.  please visit this page for updates. We will provide you information once the book is available.

I hope to announce it later this year once the issues are ironed out. I appreciate your patience as I work through these issues.

To gauge interest, I request you to please send me an email with the following contents:
1) Do you want the same content as the US editions?
2) What would be your target price for the book? Please answer this question after consideration to help us determine how to approach production costs. I ask you to be reasonable given that it’s a large book and not lowball the costs.

3) How many copies do you think you/your company/school will be interested in?

4) Your email address and contact information. — This will help someone contact you when the book is available.

As soon as I can confirm that I have been able to resolve all the issues and make the title available in Asia, I will let you know.

Thank You
Srivatsa Vasudevan


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