Asia Edition of Practical UVM

I have received some queries on the Eastern Edition for Asia Pacific readers. The book is available exclusively through CVC in Asia.

Considerable work has gone into preparing this book for your benefit. I have taken efforts to make an Indian Edition launched closely with the US edition at a lower cost. Copies of the book are only available through CVC India through its VerifNews venture at ( who has agreed to help distribute this book in India.

As you may know, there are not many advanced verification related books (especially on SystemVerilog, UVM) available as Indian editions. The economics of funding and developing a book in USA and selling in India are rather complicated, and it is not monetarily beneficial to do so. However, given my origins in this great country and my professional links with many Indian engineers, I have gone the extra mile to make the book available to audiences in India at affordable Indian edition pricing.

As I make this effort for your benefit, I request in reciprocity, that this edition must be used on the Indian Subcontinent only. Please do not share new/used copies of this Indian edition with any other part of the world. I also ask for your help in ensuring that no unauthorized copies electronic or otherwise of this work are made, and this work is not exported outside the country in any form.

If you have friends/colleagues in other geographies that would like a copy of this work, I hope you like the book enough to recommend this book and refer them to Amazon or other booksellers in their own geography to purchase it there. I have made efforts to ensure that this book is reasonably priced in all relevant geographies for the value that it provides.

I trust that you will respect that this is the best compromise of price for you and recovery of my own investments (Publishing software/hardware/payments to other entities, etc., not even counting my own countless late after work hours as it’s all self-funded) over the four years, I’ve been working on this book. Your cooperation will only help recoup some of the many costs I have incurred in preparing this manuscript for your benefit, which I may never ever recover otherwise. I appreciate your co-operation in this regard.

Srivatsa Vasudevan