Challenges with the Ebook editions.

A number of people have reached out to me asking me for an e-book version of  my book. I understand that this makes it easy for readers to carry the book around at all times.

There’s a technical hitch though:

Here is the way the page is rendered and returned to me as a proof PDF from KDP for the IEEE Edition.  They do a number of processing steps before returning the file to me.


What do you want me to do? 

For the previous edition”

I would like to share that the E book version is not easily readable on an Ebook device (IPAD/Kindle Fire/Kindle Paperwhite).

  • The book is fairly dense with 440 pages of single spaced text.
  • I also have to pay Amazon  $$$$ to convert it to their format (Not cheap, goes by # of words). Their EPUB/MOBI formats destroy all formatting of the listings etc.

I have attached the images from each of the devices to highlight my challenge for a PDF format.

Any inputs are welcome. Please use the feedback form to share your thoughts.


These images are from 10″ ipad with an acrobat reader on it.  You will see that the text is just readable.  The original book was 8×10 inches and the image on the IPAD screen is 5.9 inches (75%). if you read it in landscape mode, you will be scrolling all the time.  You can read if you zoom in.

IMG_0618 IMG_0617

Kindle Fire HDX:

The screen is 3.75 inches (45%) of the actual size. It is much harder to read. You cannot see the full page in landscape mode without scrolling, and it is harder to navigate. You can read only by zooming in.

IMG_0621 IMG_0620

Kindle Paperwhite.

The entire page shows up as an image on the Kindle Device. If you zoom, you have to scroll sideways and up/down.  It is not readable (to my eyes at least).

The entire experience is lost on this device.


Please provide input on how you think we should proceed.

Thank You