This page goes over some of the more frequently asked questions about the book that arose as a result of discussions I had with my reviewers. If something is not addressed here, please send me an email and I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.

Topics covered:

  1. E-Book Version
  2. Mistakes in the book
  3. Discounts
  4. Updates
  5. Other

Is there an E-Book version?

See this Link for more details of the problem with e-books.

At the current time, I have not planned an E-book release as of yet. There are a few reasons. One of the problems has been that the book is full of code listings, and they do not seem to show up well on one of the E-readers I have experimented with. I have not yet been able to resolve that issue to my satisfaction. Once we make some progress on this technical front, we will explore it.   Your inputs are solicited. (see the above link).

I found a bug in your code/mistake in the book.
A variety of software was used to create this book. All code snippets are actual cross-references to the actual files. In a work of this magnitude, with over seven thousand source files and spanning four years, there are bound to be errors since it is a human effort. If you spot any errors, please send an email to the address listed on the copyright pages or get in touch through this website. Your support is gratefully acknowledged.

Is there any way to get discounted copies of the book?
(I was asked this question as the book was going through its final stages pre-production by a few people and want to address it here).
If you are buying in bulk for your company or for a classroom setting, please contact me to discuss discounts.
Unfortunately, the cost of the book is not something I have very much control over. I did a lot of research on publishers and tried to find the best compromise of price for my readers and return on my own investments (publishing software/hardware/payments to other entities, etc., not even counting my own countless late after work hours as it’s all self-funded) over the four years I’ve been working on this book. The feedback I’ve gotten from industry experts is that the value is definitely there for the content, so I hope you will agree. Certainly, if you buy the book and don’t feel it was worth it, feel free to contact me so I can help make things right.

How do I get updates?
If there is any update, I hope to make it available on this website.


You mention that you had a paucity of space in the book in a couple of spots.

The Publisher Createspace had a limit of 440 pages in an 8×10 format. I wasn’t able to use the 8.5 x 11 due to some issues during book creation.