Practical UVM IEEE Edition

I want to announce the second edition of my book Practical UVM. The IEEE Edition. 

The book has been over a couple of years in the making, and it provides details on the changes between UVM-1.2 and the UVM IEEE version, in addition to providing a DIY format to learn the latest version of UVM.

The UVM IEEE standard is the latest. It is not backward compatible with UVM 1.2 or earlier versions for many reasons.  

The book covers the UVM-1.1x, UVM-1.2, and UVM-IEEE versions of the library. Porting hints from each release is provided. It also includes explanations where backward compatibility is broken between UVM-1.x through UVM-IEEE versions and how to work around these issues.  It also contains several coding guidelines and rules/recommendations for UVM code in addition to downloadable examples for you to learn UVM.

I have enclosed a copy of the Table of Contents for the book. A list of changes between the First and Second editions is also attached.  Search for IEEE in the file, and you can get an idea of all the changes in UVM-IEEE.